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I am a medical writer specialising in smoking, alcohol and drug-related topics, especially in dentistry, renal, obstetrics, cardiovascular, respiratory and surgical effects.

Also experienced in tuberculosis, treatment adherence and medical diagnostics.

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Commercial Areas

Writing for healthcare professionals, for patients, educational materials, for commercial diagnostic companies....


Academic research experience in biochemistry, toxicology especially that relating to tobacco, alcohol and preventative medicine....

Extensive experience in medical diagnostics, point of care testing, healthcare....

Work Experience

Academic positions with Leeds and Birmingham Universities. Commercially founder and Technical Director of two medical diagnostic companies....


Regular contributor for several medical and dental periodicals. Creator of patient information leaflets, sales flyer's and instruction manuals.


"Saliva test to identify smokers"
Science in Oxfordshire BBC 4th January 2010

"Spit test helps smokers quit"
BBC News website 11th July 2002...
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